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Updated December 29,  2014


The Friend File contains Amateur Calls and Names of over 6,500

active Amateurs RTTY Radio Operators from around the world.


Before submitting your name and call in the area below, please verify your call is not in the current FRIEND FILE. If you find your call, please do not re-submit the data. To verify your call, right click on the FRIEND.INI file and open the file. You can look for your call and name without saving the file on you hard drive. If you do not find your name and call or if it needs to be changed, you can enter the data below.


Why use the FRIEND FILE?  The file will help you to insure the other station copied your call correctly. If the other station responds with you name, you know your call should be correct in his log.



Download the latest FRIEND FILE here.


To add or change your CALL and NAME in the FRIEND.INI file,  fill out the FORM below.

In the CALL=NAME area, enter your call and name as you would like it added. Use the following format: AF4Z=DON . Use all CAPITOL LETTERS with no spaced. Provide an email address in the event I need to contact you. Many forget to add their name and without an email address I can not notify you.

In order to keep the file current and help prevent it from having invalid calls, I ask you to help. If you find calls or names that are wrong, use the form below. Use the comment area to tell me what is in error or should be changed or deleted. 

For information on how to use the RTTY Friend File with WRITELOG , RTTY by WF1B, RCKRTTY, mixW or N1MM   CLICK HERE.


             Use the TAB key to highlight and select fields.

                                                                                                     * = required field

                   CALL=NAME  *





The Friend File is updated when time permits.

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